Faculty Of Nursing

Vision & Mission of the unit

Quality Assurance Unit of the Faculty of Nursing, Alexandria University

Mission of the unit:

Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Nursing University of Alexandria seeks to spread a culture of quality and work to ensure the continued development and accreditation through the application of a quality system includes the developed educational programs and improves scientific research and community service at the local, regional and international levels.

Vision of the unit: 

Quality Assurance Unit, Faculty of Nursing, Alexandria University looking forward for excellence in performance and work on the improvement and continuous development of the educational process in line with international standards for quality assurance and accreditation.

Objectives of the unit:

  • Application of the development plan for the faculty.
  • Update action plan for the quality assurance unit to cope with changes and strengthen the faculty to progress for the regional and international accreditation in line with the strategic plan of the College.
  • Publish and promote culture of accreditation, quality assurance and institutional capacity of the faculty.
  • Follow up the development of programs of scientific research and graduate studies to keep up with the international standards
  • Establish a system of comprehensive evaluation and follow-up performance and continuous improvement of educational effectiveness at the national and international standards for the performance of university education.
  • Strengthen communication channels between the faculty and the various institutions and centers which allow exchange of experiences in the field of quality.
  • Improve the satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the services provided by the faculty and work for its development
  • Update and develop of the faculty quality manual according to its best practices
  • Determining non-compliance and take appropriate corrective action
  • The application of system documentation and information in the faculty.
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