Faculty Of Nursing

About the unit

The Quality Assurance Unit of direct relevance to the faculty dean, and its administrative structure and organizational structure is adopted and documented and the job description, responsibilities and functions are documented .The Dean of the faculty is the unit's board of director, Director of the Unit manage it in collaboration with the Executive Committee as well as the unit has an advisory committee and students team. The unit works on endorsement policies, work systems, and internal and external audits of the faculty that achieve unit purposes in light of the faculty and university quality strategy. The unit applies quality management in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001/2008 and IWA 2. One of the significant responsibilities of the unit is monitoring the implementation of the quality system in scientific departments in terms of follow-up, review and update courses' specifications and reports, and the application of academic standards. The Unit is working to achieve quality and accreditation by granting the faculty privileged status and identity that ensure performance improvement, as well as provide means to meet the needs of students, the surrounding community, and the labor market. It has been issuing many of ISO instructions and models that arise out of them as well as quality assurance and documentation of quality control and circulated to faculty departments.

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