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Vision & Mission of the unit

Visio& Mission of the unit

Measurement and Assessment Unit:

Within the framework of the university’s endeavors to develop and improve the outputs of teaching and learning, this unit was established. It is concerned with preparing standards for measuring and assessing the performance of the university students, as these standards represent everything that the student should know and be able to perform and are considered a reference guide for teaching and assessing his performance.

The Vision:

The unit aspires to develop the policies and mechanisms of measurement and assessment at the faculty of Nursing in a way that ensures credibility, transparency, objectivity, and fairness so that it qualifies the unit to compete with its counterparts in the local labor market.

The Mission:

Activate the systems of measurement and evaluation of the faculty through the dissemination of a culture of development and follow-up, training and technical support, analysis of exam results and feedback, corrective action in order to provide an honest and fair measurement of educational programs, and courses' intended learning outcomes.


1. Raising awareness of the importance of developing measurement and evaluation processes as one of the approaches to improve the education system in the faculty at both the educational and administrative levels.

2. Following up the implementation of student evaluation mechanisms and examinations, announcing the results, and using them in developing and improving the outcomes of the educational process through the unit.

3. Preparing and updating question banks for academic curricula in light of the intended learning outcomes and academic standards for the educational programs in the faculty.

4. Providing technical support to the scientific departments of the faculty to review evaluation methods, tools, and exam results.

5. Measuring the results of tests and questionnaires in the faculty.

6. Reviewing the annual reports on the evaluation of the examination work and preparing implementation plans for corrective measures for weaknesses and emphasizing the reinforcement of strengths.

7. Submit plans and proposals to address weaknesses in the evaluation and measurement systems in the faculty.

8. Cooperating with local and regional educational institutions to exchange experiences in the field of measurement and evaluation for the field of nursing.

9. Adopting evaluation systems for students using educational methods and modern technology.

10. Preparing the ethical charter for student evaluation systems.

11. Issuing information and statistics on the extent of development in the measurement and evaluation systems in the college, and the extent of their application of electronic evaluation systems.

12. Encouraging faculty members to apply electronic evaluation systems (applying electronic exams & electronic correction, and benefit from analyzed exam results).

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