Faculty Of Nursing

Main Objectives of Office

Main Objectives of Office:

- Support Alexandria University's image as an Egyptian University of a global nature.
- Support Faculty of Nursing image as a unique accredited institution.
- Provide information related to the Bachelor and Postgraduate curriculums and process of admitting students.
- Translate all registration forms in the faculty into the English language for the non Arabic speaking international students. - Contact with all relevant administration departments inside the faculty to facilitate and direct procedures of receiving international students' papers and issuing admission decisions and graduation certificates.
- Provide full international students care inside the faculty and continuous communication to make sure they are comfortable . - Offer guidelines of different services (Therapeutic - cultural - recreational) available to students inside the faculty.
- Help in solving study problems and other issues inside and outside the faculty. - Organize meetings to receive new international students to familiarize them with the faculty, as well as stimulating cultural conversation between different nationalities. - Participate in setting up integral electronic system that illustrates the office goals, and activities, as well as replying to students' inquiries.

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