Faculty Of Nursing

Vision and Mission


The department's primary mission is to prepare nursing students in their different educational level (undergraduate and postgraduate) with basic community health nursing principles and techniques upon which they can proceed further. Emphasis is to promote health and wellbeing and upgrade quality of family care.


The Community Health Nursing Department possesses the potentials that qualify it to be a center of excellence in community health nursing education and nursing research for the advancement of community health nursing practice nationally and internationally. It is capable to graduate competent professional nurses who are competitive in the era of the globalization and free market.


  • Provide the community with competent graduates who are holistically and comprehensively prepared to meet the community health needs.
  • Meet the advancement of nursing education, practice and research in the field of the community health nursing.
  • Encourage the implementation of population-based health and research projects that address specific community health outcomes, particularly those that reduce community health disparities.

Scientific Degrees:

The department offers special courses needed to the following scientific degrees:

  • Master in Community Health Nursing.
  • Doctorate in Community Health Nursing.
  • Diploma in Family Health Nursing.
  • Diploma in School Health Nursing.

Skills Lab:

The department has Health Promotion Center which is prepared with the medical and scientific apparatuses and visual aids. Laboratory technicians are responsible for the center under the supervision of the teaching staff.

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