Faculty Of Nursing

Vision and Mission


The Critical Care and Emergency Nursing Department aims to ensure highly quality of care provided for patients and their families with respect to patient precious life in companionate and highly technologic caring environment utilizing evidence based approaches. The department works collaboratively within and outside the institution; nationally and internationally to enhance safety and ensure high quality nursing practices. The department also trains future leaders who work at variety of settings.


The Critical Care and Emergency Nursing Department strives for promoting excellence in critical care and emergency nursing education, academic research and practice. The department aims to lead critical care and emergency nursing specialty regionally and nationally, and strengthen the organizational capacity. The department shares in advancing nursing profession by equipping nursing students with professional abilities to meet the labor market demands regionally nationally, and internationally, and enables them to be capable of effective competition.


The Critical Care and Emergency Nursing Department exists to:

  • Promote the specialty of Critical Care and Emergency Nursing through:
  • Encouraging interaction and mentorship among critical care nurses.
  • Identifying and disseminating information on key trends affecting and pertinent to critical care.
  • Serving as supporter/an advocate for the public care.
  • Promote the interests of Critical Care and Emergency Nursing Department's members and improve the professional environment of the critical care nurses through education and public awareness.
  • Promote ethical principles as defined in the Code of Ethics.
  • Actively collaborate with other heath related organizations to improve critical care.
  • Be the primary resource for the critical care nursing leadership, education and research.
  • Develop, disseminate and evaluate critical care education and research.
  • Define standards that serve as a basis for critical care practice.

Scientific Degrees:

The department offers special courses needed to the following scientific degrees:

  • Master in Critical Care and Emergency Nursing.
  • Doctorate in Critical Care and Emergency Nursing.
  • Diploma in Emergency and Trauma Care Nursing.
  • Diploma in Critical Cardiac Care Nursing.
  • Diploma in General Intensive Care Nursing.

Skills Labs:

The department has three nursing skills laboratories which are well equipped for clinical training in critical care nursing specialty, namely:

  • The Critical Care Center.
  • The Critical Care Nursing Skills Lab.
  • The Emergency Life Support Lab.
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