Faculty Of Nursing

Vision and Mission


The Nursing Administration Department's primary mission is to provide high quality advanced educational programs that are evaluated periodically according to the international quality standards in nursing administration for both undergraduate and postgraduate students to think critically, communicate effectively, and practice professional leadership role within present and future nursing education and practice to improve health and wellness of the community.


The Nursing Administration Department aspires for a pioneering status worldwide as a center of excellence for nursing education, practice and academic research for nursing administration nationally and internationally through graduation of well competent and highly trained nurses who have the professional nursing ability to meet the labor market demands and capable of competing in the era of technology and science.


  • Develop the students' educational abilities in the activation of new strategies in the teaching and learning to prepare graduates capable of leading the working group and provide nursing care based on evidence and professional standards.
  • Provide graduate for the development of information and skills training for graduates to keep pace with modern challenges in the health care system programs.
  • Conduct training programs throughout the year in the health institutions and the Training Unit as well as the Education Development Center at the Faculty of Nursing to strengthen the relationship and ongoing cooperation with the health institutions to improve the quality of health care.
  • Develop the abilities of the faculty and administration members in leadership development and quality in education and health care.
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