Faculty Of Nursing

The Vision:

The International students Office at the Faculty of Nursing aims to support the faculty’s role in Alexandria University as a distinguished and accredited scientific research institution at the national, Arab and international levels in accordance with the international quality standards by highlighting the attractions criteria of both faculty and university.


The Mission:

The International students Office contributes to supporting the image of the Faculty of Nursing at Alexandria University as a unique Egyptian institution with increasing its competitiveness at the regional and international levels. It attracts the international students by marketing the distinguished and diverse academic programs in the faculty and providing them with full support in all fields so that they become ambassadors for the faculty in their countries after graduation. The office also aims to help International in adaptation and integration in the university life which enriches the students’ entity in the faculty .

Main Objectives of Office:

- Support Alexandria University's image as an Egyptian University of a global nature.
- Support Faculty of Nursing image as a unique accredited institution.
- Provide information related to the Bachelor and Postgraduate curriculums and process of admitting students.
- Translate all registration forms in the faculty into the English language for the non Arabic speaking international students. - Contact with all relevant administration departments inside the faculty to facilitate and direct procedures of receiving international students' papers and issuing admission decisions and graduation certificates.
- Provide full international students care inside the faculty and continuous communication to make sure they are comfortable . - Offer guidelines of different services (Therapeutic - cultural - recreational) available to students inside the faculty.
- Help in solving study problems and other issues inside and outside the faculty. - Organize meetings to receive new international students to familiarize them with the faculty, as well as stimulating cultural conversation between different nationalities. - Participate in setting up integral electronic system that illustrates the office goals, and activities, as well as replying to students' inquiries.

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