Faculty Of Nursing

Vision,Mission and Objectives


The vision of the Faculty of Nursing

The Faculty of Nursing, Alexandria University aspires to be a leading educational institution with the highest international standards of excellence at the local, regional, and international levels in the field of nursing education, scientific research, building an effective community partnership, and achieving a sustainable development strategy which is incongruent with the University vision and Egypt Vision 2030 by taking advantage of the presence of a distinguished faculty members and creating a stimulating educational learning environment that supports creativity and innovation, and to be the first Egyptian nursing faculty in obtaining international accreditation


The mission of the Faculty of Nursing

It is in line with of Alexandria University for preparing a qualified, trained, and premium graduate for interdisciplinary roles to serve society  and support for scientific research capable of self-learning and teamwork compatible with the needs of the labor market in the field of nursing locally, regionally, and internationally by providing distinguished and accredited educational programs in light of competency based education , contemporary trends and in accordance with international quality standards.


Strategic objectives

1. Developing the college’s undergraduate program by including competency-based education

2. Creating the continuing education programs in the nursing fields in line with local needs.

3. Providing an excellent educational service for students, enabling them to build their capabilities and increase opportunities for continuous learning

4. Developing a comprehensive of diploma, master's and doctoral programs offered by the faculty of nursing  to implement learning outcomes in light of international standards

  1. Providing an excellent educational services and prepare post graduates students in various disciplines as direct customers of the health sector
  2. Developing self-resources and material capabilities through activating special units to build capabilities that distinguish the Faculty of nursing in performing its basic roles

7. Update and follow up on the implementation of the Faculty's strategic plan

8. Applying the outputs of scientific research and production through the marketing of scientific research in order to achieve the development needs of Egypt strategies for the health sector

9. Creating an excellent research environment by promoting a culture of commitment to research ethics and publishing globally among faculty members and students in the various fields of nursing

10. Preparing an integrated technology and information infrastructure by providing smart academic and administrative systems and services to achieve digital transformation of the Faculty

11. Strengthening the faculty ties with its graduates by providing the necessary knowledge services to develop and enhance their role in line with the needs of the local community

12. Developing the faculty members’ abilities to improve the educational outputs, research programs and community services

13. Formatting an effective partnership with local and regional community bodies to increase competitiveness by spreading environmental and cultural awareness of community issues.

14.Encouraging students to participate in student activities in and developing their role in evaluation and given feedback on the educational services provided to them.


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