Faculty Of Nursing


In 1955 an agreement was signed with the World Health Organization to establish the Higher Institute of Nursing which was affiliated to the Faculty of Medicine, University of Alexandria. The Higher Institute of Nursing became the first Higher Institute for Nursing in the Middle East and Africa. 
The teaching staff consisted of 5 American visiting nursing specialists and a director, who were assigned by W.H.O. Through the past 50 years, the Higher Institute of Nursing grew and by the year 1966, the director, as well as all the teaching staff members was Egyptians. They were 20 in number. They have reached one hundred and sixty-seven
by the year 2000, and two hundred and twenty three till the year 2005. The first nurses who graduated from the Higher Institute of nursing in 1958/1959, were only five.

However, the total number of nurses who graduated over the past 50 years reached 6278 nurses. Many have held leadership positions in the field of nursing in Egypt & neighboring Middle Eastern Countries. The Higher Institute of 

Nursing started a master’s program in nursing in the academic year 1969 - 1970. A total number of 356 nurses have 

been graduated from this program in different areas of specialization. The Higher Institute of Nursing started the doctorate program in 1976 - 1977 and to this day 147 graduates have obtained a Doctoral degree in Nursing 

Science, and moreover, one graduate for the Diploma Program.


The Supreme Council of the Egyptian Universities granted independence in March 1992 to the Higher Institute of Nursing, University of Alexandria. In September 1994, by Presidential Decree, the Faculty of Nursing became the first autonomous Faculty of Nursing affiliated to a University on the national and Middle Eastern level.



In 1992 First Lady Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, laid the corner stone to the new faculty building. In 2002, it has been inaugurated under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, President of Alexandria University and the Faculty's Dean

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